Broom Orchard School Tour Information…if you have any questions, please contact, Lisa or Debbie at 217-854-3514. We do not accept groups of less than 10 unless the group is willing to pay a minimum charge of $50.00.


·      Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour time. This will give the children time to “stretch” and allow time for you to line your class up in front of Johnny Appleseed. Remember… we live in the country, children may get dirty. We suggest they wear play clothes and tennis shoes, and a jacket depending on the weather.


·      Please discuss with your children the importance of listening and following the safety rules at the orchard…there will be time to run and play after the tour.


·      We charge $5.00 per student. This includes ¼ peck bag used for picking apples and the tour, which will consist of explaining the harvest (planting, pollination, picking, sorting and grading the apples, cold storage, and cider making.) Note: we do not make cider everyday. This also includes the playground area which has recently been expanded. We do have pygmy goats in the playground area that you may feed for a quarter so it is a good idea to have quarters. There is no charge for the teachers or chaperones unless they pick apples. We also provide one gallon of cider per class to be taken back to school. If you do decide to enjoy the cider after the tour, please remember your cups.


·      Tour money must be paid with one check in full before tour begins.  If you have more than one class, please get together with your other teachers before visiting the orchard and have one check ready. This saves time and confusion on the day of the tour.


·      Tours will be scheduled one hour apart. You are more than welcome to use the playground and have a “snack”. If you want to have lunch we suggest you either go to Loveless Park or Beaver Dam State Park because a new group will be arriving shortly. Trash cans will be provided and we ask that you please pick-up around your area before leaving.


Thank you for visiting Broom Orchard! We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing your class.